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More meme stuff


So, that meme I was supposed to be doing every day. Hey, it's been a busy week! I'm finally getting round to it again, though, so here's question 2:

20 facts about yourself....Collapse )

A meme!

In the spirit of trying to post more on LJ, I thought I'd do this 20 questions meme that's been floating around. The questions are here below the cut:Collapse )

I'll try to post every day, or at least most days, starting with question 1....

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I have passed my Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP), which means I am a real independent doctor and can work anywhere I like, including outside hospital or general practice. I feel that passing ARCP deserves ARC-Pizza, but alas, Alan is on call tonight so celebrating will have to wait until tomorrow. But soon!


My email has been hacked - sorry to anyone who got a spam message. I think I'm going to change accounts - I'll need to change to my married name next year anyway (yay!) so I may as well do it now, as Yahoo is increasingly annoying with its faily security and its homepage full of bigoted comments on the news. Watch this space.... but for now, I'm changing my password to a more secure one, and apologies again for spamming you all. Thanks to Robin, Rach and Rebecca (why all the Rs, I wonder?) who spotted it and texted me ♥


I have just baked chocolate chip cookies and am nomming one (well, maybe two) with a glass of milk. All is therefore right with the world.
My lungs continue to fail at lung-ing - two courses of steroids later and I'm still coughing and wheezing all over the place. I have noticed, however, that when I've been ill like this before I've got a lot better when I've been to the seaside, so Alan and I have booked to go to Whitby for a couple of days later this month, when our days off finally coincide. Hopefully this will fix me, and even if it doesn't, yay seaside.

Work remains hard but enjoyable, for the most part. I did have the horrible job of telling a lovely lady she only had a couple of months to live the other day. She was only a few years older than Alan, and it was so sad. I overheard one of the nurses saying that I was the best doctor she could have hoped for to have that conversation, though, so that was nice.

House decorating continues - well, not apace, exactly, but we have painted the hall and will start on the spare room soon. JJ (kitty) does not like painting at all; he sits at the top of the stairs and goes RRRROWWWWW until we stop doing it. Meanwhile, we have a gardener coming on Saturday to help us fix the jungle that is our garden! I am excited :-D

I have not yet seen Iron Man 3. If you spoil me, I keel you. I know where you live.


I am a poorly bunny. I've had the sniffles for a few days - nothing major, just your average cold. But last night my throat started to get really, really sore, to the point where I could barely swallow. My lovely mum brought round some ice lollies so I could at least get a bit of liquid into me, and I went to bed.
At 5am I woke up with rigors - violent shaking that usually comes with a high temperature - and indeed, my temperature was 39.3 C (about 103 F) and my heart rate was twice what it should be at rest. I also couldn't swallow at all.

I made an appointment with the local GP, who I've never seen before, and he was lovely and fitted me in this morning. It turns out I have an abscess (quinsy) on my tonsil, with accompanying sepsis (infection in the bloodstream). He has dispatched me home with antibiotics and strict instructions to go back if I get any worse.

Needless to say, I can't really talk at the moment, so please don't be offended if you call me and I don't pick up. I'm communicating with Alan mostly via squeaks, hand gestures and the occasional whisper.
On a positive note, this means I'm not going to work this weekend and can stay in bed with my kitty.

Project Level Up

Okay, so it's a cheesy name. But I have had an idea!

I have so many friends with so many different skills and talents and so much knowledge about things I haven't the faintest idea about. Lots of us have our skills in different areas, and I thought, wouldn't it be fun to share our expertise and learn a few things from each other? Let's spend our XP on something new!

This is roughly what I was thinking: If you'd like to be part of the project, leave a comment here. It doesn't matter what you have to share - it can be anything from how to bake a cake to an introduction to programming to an art class or an introductory lesson in a foreign language. I plan to do a session on basic life support and first aid, if anyone's interested.
I can't offer certificates because I'm not a certified trainer, but you might just learn something that'll help you save someone's life one day....

So, when we have a list of interested people and things they'd like to teach, we can come up with a list of sessions and people who are interested in a particular subject can sign up for that session. You don't have to go to everything, or even anything, and if you really want to come to something but don't want to teach, that's okay too. The idea is to pool our various experiences and learn from each other!

Anyone fancy joining in?

The State Of The Nats

Hi everyone! I haven't updated in forever, largely because I have been DEAD OF WORK. I adore A&E, I really do, but the hours and the commute are a bit of a killer. Still, it's only until August, and then hopefully I'll be working as a FME (forensic medical examiner) in Nottinghamshire.
Nottinghamshire being the location of our new house! We have settled in really well, it's so lovely here with the countryside all around and the chickens and the geese and Darwin the duck, and we have a kitty now too! Heidi, my pretty little stripey girl, still lives with my mum and dad - she hates change, so I could never move her - but I get to see her really often now I live closer. But not long after we'd moved in, a little face appeared at the door going MRAAA - it was the neighbours' kitty, who was pretty much an outdoor cat since their daughter left home. The neighbours are lovely, but they're not really cat people, so they just tolerated him. Of course I let him in, and one thing led to another and he was spending more time with us than at his own house. So I spoke to J, the neighbour, and she was more than happy to let him live with us permanently! He's 14, so no spring chicken, but I love him to bits and he is so friendly and cuddly and talkative! His name is Josh (I have no idea why) but we usually call him Jossley-Jo (short, of course, for Jingly Jangly Jossley Jo) or Jangles (see above) or JJ. He is ridiculous and bit Alan's nose yesterday and I love him.

In work news - I love A&E far more than I ever thought I would, enough that I'm considering a career in it. I'm still going to do the FME thing at least for a while, but I think I may go back into ACCS (acute care core stem) training in a couple of years. The hours get a bit better the more senior you get, and I just find the whole thing so rewarding.

Health wise, I've been a bit low for the last couple of months - my depression is always worse in the winter, and being so tired hasn't helped. I've also been worried about my (biological) dad - he's currently in hospital in Spain, where he lives, having had a series of small strokes. I've managed to speak to him and he seems to be okay, but I hate being so far away. In general, though, I'm feeling better as the sun is shining more, and hopefully things will continue to improve. Also, I've been to the gym tonight for the first time in ages, which has made me feel all healthy :-)

And now I'm going to have a great big yummy dinner :-)

Job description meme

The lovely callylevy posted a challenge to describe your job using only the most frequently used 1000 words. It's harder than you might think!
My attempt is below, made using http://splasho.com/upgoer5/

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