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28 March 1980
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I'm Nats, I'm 32 and I'm a doctor in Leicester, currently working in A&E. My first degree (Psychology) was at Warwick, where I met lots of lovely people, many of whom have persuaded me onto Live Journal.
I enjoy re-enactment, live role play, playing the harp and guitar, singing, reading, writing and swimming. I live in a little cottage in Nottinghamshire with my lovely fiancé Alan, two geese, two chickens and a duck. There will be a kitty as soon as I no longer have to commute. In the meantime, my little stripey Heidi kitty lives just down the road with my parents.

Likes: my harp, my cat, sleeping, reading, cooking, being cuddled.
Dislikes: rude people, mornings, noise, motorways.

For those who have asked for it, my Amazon wish list is here.

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